Here the public deliverables of the project are presented, as they become available. Please click on the topic to jump to the heading:

Overall system concept

Networking and mm-wave interface

RF front-end 300 GHz (including LO)

Propagation, antennas and sharing studies


Dissemination and exploitation

Project management

Overall system concept

D2.1 Requirements for B5G backhaul/fronthaul DRAFT version: not yet approved by the EC!
The ThoR project targets wireless transport networks (assuming fixed services) exploiting terahertz frequency spectrum (252-325 GHz as a possible candidate band), which is expected to play a significant and necessary role in the next generation(s) of communication systems, 5G and beyond 5G. The performance requirements for such wireless transport networks (including backhaul and fronthaul links) are mainly determined and driven by the following domains which are discussed in this document:

  • Available frequency spectrum and its characteristics
  • End-user use cases and applications
  • Network architecture and deployment scenarios.

D2.2 Overall System Design

D2.4 Scenarios for Demonstration and Simulation

Networking and mm-wave interface

D3.5 Testing Report of 60 GHz TRX Module

D3.6 Testing Report of 70/80 GHz TRX Module

RF front-end 300 GHz (including LO)

D4.1 Photonics LO Performance

D4.3 300 GHz Circuits Validation and Report

D4.4 Solid-state RF Front-End Test Validation

D4.5 TWTA Amplifier

D4.6 Full RF-Front End Test (ready for live tests)

D4.7 Final Report of the RF Front-End Developments

Propagation, antennas and sharing studies

D5.1 Initial results from sharing studies DRAFT version: not yet approved by the EC!
This deliverable provides the results of simulations which show that the frequency bands 275-296 GHz, 306-313 GHz, 319-333 GHz and 354-450 GHz could be identified for fixed services
(future wireless front- and backhaul) without harmful interfering with the passive Earth exploration satellite service (EESS).

D5.2 Preliminary Antenna, Propagation and Channel Models

D5.3 Analysis of the Consequences of the Results of WRC 2019

D5.4 Planning Rules for THz Backhaul/Fronthaul Links

D5.5 Final Report on Antenna, Propagation and Channel Models


D6.1 Initial Hardware Demonstration DEMO-1

D6.2 Software Simulation Concept

D6.4 Laboratory Transmission Experiments DEMO-2

D6.5 Software Simulation Results (DEMO-4)

D6.6 Live Demonstration DEMO-3

Dissemination and exploitation

D7.1 Project start press release

D7.2 M3 Dissemination Material

D7.3 M6 Dissemination Material

D7.4 Report on Standards Activitiy 12M

D7.5 18M Dissemination and Exploitation Activity Report

D7.6 Mid-term ThoR Workshop (Japan)

D7.7 Reports on Standards Activity 24M

D7.8 Final ThoR Workshop (Europe)

7.9 Project Close Press Release

D7.10 Summary of Project Newsletters

D7.12 Dissemination Kit

D7.13 Report on Standards Activity

D7.14 Final Dissemination and Exploitation Activity Report

Project management

D1.2 Secure Website

D1.3 Initial Gendered Innovation Check List

D1.4 Initial Data Management Plan

D1.5 Mid-term Data Management Plan

D1.6 Mid-term Gendered Innovation Checklist

D1.7 Final Data Management Plan

D1.8 Final Gendered Innovation Checklist