ICT-09-2017 cluster – Networking Beyond 5G Horizon 2020 projects
Six projects were funded in the H2020 call ICT-09-2017 “Networking research beyond 5G.” These projects are working together to share and disseminate information among themselves and to a wider audience. Since ThoR topics are closely aligned with the Cluster activities, ThoR is also included as a member.
Vivid is one of the leading partners in this initiative.

TERAPOD – Terahertz-based ultra-high bandwidth wireless access networks
Horizon 2020 project (01-Sep-2017 to 31-Aug-2020)
TERAPOD will investigate and demonstrate the feasibility of ultra-high bandwidth wireless access networks operating in the terahertz band. The project will focus on end-to-end demonstration of the THz wireless link within a data centre in a proof of concept deployment, while also investigating other use cases applicable to beyond 5G such as wireless personal area networks, wireless local area networks and high bandwidth broadcasting.
TU Braunschweig and Vivid are also partners in TERAPOD.

ieee802_15logoIEEE 802.15 WPAN™– key THz standards development organisation
Task Group 3d 100 Gbit/s Wireless (TG 3d (100G)) includes the Terahertz Interest Group (IGthz)
Thomas Kürner (TUBS) chairs both groups.