Conference Papers

EUCNC 2019
European Conference on Networks and Communications
18-21 Jun-2019; Valencia, Spain

ICT Beyond 5G Cluster: Seven H2020 for Future 5G
Paoloni, Claudio; Alexiou, Angeliki; Bouchet, Oliver; Davy, Alan; Ermolov, Vladimir; Kürner, Thomas; Napier, Bruce; Sahin, Onur
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Regulatory Aspects of THz Communications and Related Activities Towards WRC 2019
Thomas Kuerner
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IMS 2019
International Microwave Symposium
02-07 Jun-2019; Boston, USA

300 GHz broadband power amplifier with 508 GHz gain-bandwidth product and 8 dBm output power
Benjamin Schoch, Axel Tessmann, Arnulf Leuther, Sandrine Wagner, Ingmar Kallfass
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IRmmW-THz 2018
43rd International Conference on Infrared, mm-wave and THz waves
09-14 Sep-2018; Nagoya, Japan

Compact Antennas Pattern Measurement Setup at 240 GHz
C. Belem Goncalves ; E. Lacombe ; Carlos del Rio ; F. Gianesello ; C. Luxey ; G. Ducournau
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Considerations on Local Oscillator Isolation in a Terahertz Wireless Link Used for Future Communication Systems
Iulia Dan ; Christopher M. Grotsch ; Shoichi Shiba ; Ingmar Kallfass
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[Keynote] Turning THz Communications into Reality: Status on Technology, Standardization and Regulation
Thomas Kuerner
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