Conference Papers

General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (GASS) of the Union Radio Scientifique Internationale (URSI)
Event cancelled but proceedings issued 

Towards Propagation and Channel Models for the Simulation and Planning of 300 GHz Backhaul/Fronthaul Link
Kürner, Thomas; Hirata, Akihiko; Jung, Bo Kum; Sasaki, Eisaku; Jurcik, Petr; Kawanishi, Tetsuya [Full paper]


IWMTS 2020
Third International Workshop on Mobile Terahertz Systems
02-03 Jul-2020; online

On the Impact of the Results of WRC 2019 on THz Communications
Kürner, Thomas; Hirata, Akihiko [Full text]


EUCAP 2020
14th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
Online event

Near-field measurement and far-field characterization of a J-band antenna based on an electrooptic sensing 
Shintaro Hisatake, Yusuke Tanaka, Guillaume Ducournau, Akihiko Hirata
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GeMiC 2020
German Microwave Conference 2020
09-11 Mar-2020; Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany

Considerations for Through-Substrate-Via Placement in InGaAs mHEMT THz Circuits Using Thin-Film Wiring
Laurenz John; Philipp Neininger; Axel Tessmann; Arnulf Leuther; Thomas Zwick
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WPMC 2019
22nd International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications
24-27 Nov-2019; Lisbon, Portugal

THz Communications – A Candidate for a 6G Radio? [Invited]
Thomas Kürner  [Full paper]


PEM 2019
3rd International Workshop on Photonics applied to Electromagnetic Measurement
18-19 Nov-2019; Ise, Mie, Japan

Short-Focus Lens Design for Terahertz Ray (full paper: copyright IEICE)
Keita Miyazawa, Atsushi Kanno, Shingo Saito, Keizo Inagaki, Tetsuya Kawanishi

Evaluation of antenna radiation characteristics at terahertz
frequency band based on an electro-optic near-field
measurement (full paper: copyright IEICE)
Yusuke Tanaka and Shintaro Hisatake

Characterisation of Terahertz Antenna for beyond 5G Systems [Invited]
(full paper: copyright IEICE)

Akihiko Hirata, Katsumi Fujii, N. Sekine, I. Watanabe, A. Kasamatsu


ISAP 2019
International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation
27-30 Oct-2019; Xi’an, China

Measurement of Reflection and Transmission Characteristics of Glasses at 300 GHz
Hirata, N. Sekine, I. Watanabe, A. Kasamatsu
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EuMC 2019
European Microwave Conference 2019
29-Sep to 04-Oct-2019; Paris, France

A Superheterodyne >300 GHz Wireless Link for Ultra-Fast Terahertz Communication Systems
Iulia Dan ; Guillaume Ducournau ; Shintaro Hisatake ; Pascal Szriftgiser ; Ralf-Peter Braun ; Ingmar Kallfass
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IRmmW-THz 2019
44th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves
01-06 Sep-2019; Paris, France

Simulation and Automatic Planning of 300 GHz Backhaul Links [Keynote]
Bo Kum Jung, Nils Dreyer, Johannes M. Eckhardt and Thomas Kürner
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Towards super-heterodyne THz links pumped by photonic local oscillators
Iulia Dan; Shintaro Hisatake; Pascal Szriftgiser; Ralf-Peter Braun; Ingmar Kallfass; Guillaume Ducournau
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EUCNC 2019
European Conference on Networks and Communications
18-21 Jun-2019; Valencia, Spain

ICT Beyond 5G Cluster: Seven H2020 for Future 5G
Paoloni, Claudio; Alexiou, Angeliki; Bouchet, Oliver; Davy, Alan; Ermolov, Vladimir; Kürner, Thomas; Napier, Bruce; Sahin, Onur
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Regulatory Aspects of THz Communications and Related Activities Towards WRC 2019
Thomas Kuerner
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IMS 2019
International Microwave Symposium
02-07 Jun-2019; Boston, USA

300 GHz broadband power amplifier with 508 GHz gain-bandwidth product and 8 dBm output power
Benjamin Schoch, Axel Tessmann, Arnulf Leuther, Sandrine Wagner, Ingmar Kallfass
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IRmmW-THz 2018
43rd International Conference on Infrared, mm-wave and THz waves
09-14 Sep-2018; Nagoya, Japan

Compact Antennas Pattern Measurement Setup at 240 GHz
C. Belem Goncalves ; E. Lacombe ; Carlos del Rio ; F. Gianesello ; C. Luxey ; G. Ducournau
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Considerations on Local Oscillator Isolation in a Terahertz Wireless Link Used for Future Communication Systems
Iulia Dan ; Christopher M. Grotsch ; Shoichi Shiba ; Ingmar Kallfass
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[Keynote] Turning THz Communications into Reality: Status on Technology, Standardization and Regulation
Thomas Kuerner
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