There will be six newsletters during the course of the project.

ThoR Newsletter #6 May-2022
This newsletter includes:

  • Flexible waveguide for millimetre and THz systems
  • Deutsche Telekom comments on future implementations of ThoR
  • Development of E-band modems in ThoR by Siklu
  • Travelling wave tube amplifier advances at NEC and Waseda
  • Near-field measurement for antenna testing at Gifu University
  • Superheterodyne H-band frontend from University of Stuttgart
  • 300 GHz mHEMT high power amplifiers from Fraunhofer IAF
  • System-level testing of the ThoR Front-ends by University of Lille
  • Update on the ThoR final workshop and demonstration.
ThoR Newsletter #5 Mar-2021
This newsletter includes:

  • 3TTCW and EuCAP 2021
  • Automatic planning algorithms for THz comms by TU Braunschweig
  • 300 GHz link design and interference study by Waseda University
  • Three upcoming books or journals on THz comms
  • 300 GHz sold state power amplifier development at Fraunhofer IAF
  • Characterisation of ThoR demo modules by University of Stuttgart
 ThoR Newsletter #4 Aug-2020
This newsletter includes:

  • New date for the 3rd Towards THz Comms Workshop (3TTCW)
  • Photonic LO progress at University of Lille
  • Modem bank parallelisation in ThoR by Siklu
  • Implications of WRC 19 AI 1.15 for THz comms (TUBS/CIT)
ThoR newsletter #3 Dec-2019
This newsletter includes:

  • ThoR workshop in Japan (20-Sep-2019; University of Waseda)
  • Save the date! 3rd Towards THz Comms Workshop 12-13 Mar-2020 at IMEC
  • Overview of 5G/beyond 5G requirements wireless transport links from Deutsche Telekom
  • Review of the ThoR parallelisation of 70/80 GHz transceiver modules from Siklu
  • An update on measurement of 300 GHz band high-gain antennas at CIT.
ThoR newsletter #2 Jun-2019
This newsletter includes:

  • Near-field measurements and antenna characterisation at 300 GHz by Gifu University
  • 300 GHz front end development by Fraunhofer IAF and Univ. Stuttgart
  • ThoR DEMO-1 and circuit design by the project team
  • Development of a high power TWTA at 300 GHz band by NEC.
ThoR newsletter #1 Dec-2018
This introductory newsletter includes:

  • A brief overview of the project and its objectives
  • An outline of the ICT-09-2017 Cluster of related projects
  • Information on an EC THz communications workshop on 07-Mar-2019
  • Results from spectrum sharing studies relevant to WRC 2019
  • World first experimental demonstration of a superheterodyne 300 GHz wireless link!