[In addition to the Newsletters, Standards, Press Coverage, Journal Papers and Conference Papers pages, public deliverables and other technical information will be added here throughout the project. Please check back for updates!]

Project presentation
A generic overview of the project (Nov-2018); this will be updated with results as the project continues.

Project fact sheet
Summary of the project in a nutshell

DEMO-1 video: superheterodyne 300 GHz wireless link
(filmed at University of Lille/ IEMN CNRS, France in Nov-2018)

D2.1 Requirements for B5G backhaul/fronthaul DRAFT version: not yet approved by the EC!
The ThoR project targets wireless transport networks (assuming fixed services) exploiting terahertz frequency spectrum (252-325 GHz as a possible candidate band), which is expected to play a significant and necessary role in the next generation(s) of communication systems, 5G and beyond 5G. The performance requirements for such wireless transport networks (including backhaul and fronthaul links) are mainly determined and driven by the following domains which are discussed in this document:

  • Available frequency spectrum and its characteristics
  • End-user use cases and applications
  • Network architecture and deployment scenarios.

D5.1 Initial results from sharing studies DRAFT version: not yet approved by the EC!
This deliverable provides the results of simulations which show that the frequency bands 275-296 GHz, 306-313 GHz, 319-333 GHz and 354-450 GHz could be identified for fixed services
(future wireless front- and backhaul) without harmful interfering with the passive Earth exploration satellite service (EESS).