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Technical information and public deliverables will be added to these pages throughout the project. Please check back for updates!

ThoR poster at the 3rd Towards THz Comms Workshop (12-Mar-2021)

Poster on Simulation and Automatic Planning of 300 GHz Backhaul Links
Shown at the online 3TTCW event on 12-Mar-2021. More slides are available from the workshop website.

ThoR video Mar-2020
In this short video, some of the ThoR experts talk about the objectives of the project, and how it offers a new route forward for THz communications.

Project presentation
A generic overview of the project (update E; Mar-2021).

Project fact sheet
Summary of the project in a nutshell

DEMO-1 video: superheterodyne ~300 GHz wireless link
(filmed at University of Lille/ IEMN CNRS, France in Nov-2018)